Sunday, 25 April 2010

Monkey Straws


Okay, now for the explaination of monkey straws. At the beginning of February my boyfriend and I went to his coworker's wedding. She is also one of those "we hang out with outside of work friends."

On her wedding registry she wanted the silver monkey straw from Tiffany's found HERE

A little ridiculous, I know, but she actually wanted it.

Not that surprisingly, she didn't get it. :(

It's her birthday this weekend so my boyfriend and I created these so that she can now go on with her life because she has not just one, but 4 monkey straws!!

We fully expect her to pull them out when we come to visit :P

We had a heck of a time finding a barrel of monkeys AND curly straws! FYI: found the monkeys at Toys R Us and the straws came from Walmart (I try not to buy things from there, but we scoured the city!)

Here's the "tutorial" if you can call it that:

Use hot (but not too hot) glue gun to glue monkeys to straws. And you're done! lol

I'll let you know what her reaction is after she gets them!!

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