Sunday, 2 May 2010

New Top!

Alright, so even though the title says new top, this post is just a small teaser leading up to the the top that I sewed myself this last week.

I decided I was actually going to do this right and so when I was really excited to start, I remembered to pre-wash my fabric. SO, while my fabric was in the washing machine (stupid front loads taking forever) I decided to make myself a matching cuff bracelet.

I was inspired by this one here on Ruffles and Stuff. Isn't it beautiful?

So I followed the tute on how to make the bracelet part, except I glued the velcro on because I'm lazy like that. lol

I cut out my flower circles using these: My eye shadow for the big one, tea tree oil bottle for the middle sized one, and my pink sugar perfume for the smallest one.

I glued the flowers together with one big circle, two mid sized ones, and two small ones. I glued them to the bracelet and it looked like this:

Beautiful, right?


When you put it around your wrist it looked like this

Gappy! BAD!

Prettier picture, but still, too gappy.

So I started the process of adding flowers in between every other one.

That's better!

I thought about adding pearl beads, and here's what it looked like

I didn't like it. So I started ripping the beads off

The residual glue looked kinda pretty....

But in the end I ripped it all off!

Stay posted for the shirt!

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