Friday, 4 June 2010

Fondant take 2

Here's what I did with the rest of my fondant (it made so much, I still threw a bunch away)

I made mini carrot cakes and decorated them. I made them mini so that I could give them away, they're delicious, but there's soooo much oil in them!! I've been using this recipe from allrecipes for a while now. It's pretty good, but go easy on the oil. Even this cake I made was a little too greasy.

I made the little carrots by using a heart shaped cookie cutter and then cut it down the middle! It works great!

Here's a terrible picture of all 5 of them! I plan to keep the 2 with the orange ribbons on the bottom, and the rest will be given away! :)


  1. Great Job!!! You're totally a natural! You just need a teensy fondant lesson and you'll be surpassing me :)

  2. Have you tried making the recipe substituting at least part of the oil with applesauce? I've done that and had really good success. Yours look wonderful, though.


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