Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Best Friends

Best friends are great.  They're there to laugh with you, and cry with you, and to talk you out of doing things you maybe shouldn't, right??

(million year old pic, sadly the most recent that I think I have of us)

Well, I'm not sure about that last one.  Time will tell I guess.  Today I had the battle that so many of us do - to cut bangs, or not to.  

Here's the text convo that went down with my bff (yup, I just said is forever, if she was able to get rid of me she would have done it in grade 8, maybe grade 9)

Jill: Please talk me out of cutting short bangs!

Amy: Since when do you listen when I tell you not to do something with your hair? (okay, I admit, I had some terrible hair in grade win this round Amy...)

Jill:  I know. But I really want to cut short bangs and I know that I'll hate them in a week, but I want them now!

Amy: You might not hate them, some people look pretty cute.  Plus hair grows fast in the summer. (Note that at this point she has talked me into it!)

Jill: You're really not helping. Or are you?

Amy:  Mwaha. Probably don't do it, like 2 percent of faces can handle it.  Plus if it's hot they get sweaty and there's nothing you can do about it (this is the talking out of it I could have used a couple messages ago)

Jill: True. I think I'm going to do it anyway. 

...And the discussion continued for a while while I cut. lol

Here's the result.  Not terrible, but I think I'll hate them in about a week. lol  (excuse the terrible photo quality, it was definitely the best of all the mirror shots. :P  Even with the flash into the mirror)


  1. If it's any consolation I think they are super cute! I just cut 9 inches off my hair and I was sure I'd hate having short hair again but I still love it and it's been almost 2 weeks!

  2. Looks GREAT!!! You're one of the 2% :)

  3. You neglected to mention that you had already started to cut your hair when you texted me, rendering my advice pointless lol.

  4. They look cute, and NEVER underestimate the power of BOBBY-PINS!

  5. They actually look a lot better than I expected them to look! And they work well with your bob.

  6. Amy is so funny! And right :) JillBean, I like them, I would actually make them fuller so they're not so stringy. Pull some more hair forward and make them thicker!!!!! I think it's super cute! I also agree with KimberElise-never underestimate the power of bobbypins!


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