Saturday, 31 July 2010

Reunion - Day 1

I survived day 1.  It was definitely quite boring today, as nothing was planned and not everyone was there yet.  However, it was decided that we'd have a silent auction with items donated by those attending.  I was quite surprised with some of the items brought (and there might be even more tomorrow)!

My family is crafty!!

I brought a tea cozy, tea wallet, and 2 coffee cup sleeves that I'd made last Christmas.
I also brought a ds case that I'd made a while back because there's some kids that are 8-14 years old and I wanted something they'd be interested in.

Someone had made up a scrapbook with old family photos. *why didn't I think of that?!*

A belt my grandpa made! (pretty darn cool, in my opinion!)

A set of 7 embroidered tea towel that my grandma made.

Lots of knit towels, pot holders, and dish towels.

The picture doesn't do these blankets justice.  They're quite gorgeous.  

This is a basket full of kitchen goodies!

Here's what I really want to get.  It's a basket full of spa stuff.  Towels, candles, lotions, body wash, a massage gift certificate and more!  To die for!! 

I'll let you know if I actually come home with anything!! And if I survive day 2 - it's the long one, wish me luck!

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