Saturday, 31 July 2010

Reunion - Day 2

Still surviving.  

Today I got an awesome (not) burn on my back, and to make it even awesomer I was wearing a halter top with a dangly tie, so I have a white splotch on my back.  Wicked.  

Things were pretty low key today.  The kids loved the petting zoo animals.  Although one of the pig-ish creatures escaped, and my aunt had to chase it back in with a broom (she's going to hate me for posting this, but it was just too funny!)  To make things worse, the pig cried out every time the broom touched him!

For lunch we had a couple of traditional soups, one was a noodle soup, and the other (pictured below) is a soup made basically with ham, potatoes, dill, and cream.  My mom has hated it since she was a little girl, and still doesn't like it.  She never makes it so I had to be sure I ate my fill today.  I think it's delicious!  

Additionally, we had roll kuchen (spelling???)  which is a light-ish dough deep fried (YUM) that we eat with watermelon.  OMG, I think I gained 20 pounds today!

The silent auction went over better than anyone expected!!  We made about $700!!!  There were only about 32 items, but the thing that brought in the most money was that scrapbook with old family photos. It was down to a bidding war at the very end and sold for $225!!!! OMG!!!

This is what I bought from the silent auction - a mini scrapbook album and scrapbook goodies (paper, stickers, etc) for $9.  Yay!

  Today was "the big day."  Tomorrow there's a bit of a church service followed by brunch and it's all over.  While it's been alright, I feel that things were poorly planned, there were next to no activities, and on top of it, it was stinkin' hot!!! Oh well, only one day left!!


  1. Oh My Goodness, that picture of Aunty Lorna brooming the pig is hysterical!!!!

    I thought there was slow pitch and golf planned for the weekend along with a 'talent show' of sorts? Did those 3 activites fall through?

    I want to try that ham/potatoe/dill/cream soup. Sounds better than the 'fresh' vegetable soupl mum always raves about!


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