Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I missed another WTHW.  Whoopsie!  However, if you comment on this post, you'll be entered to win, because I'm nice like that! :) (just one per person please!)

I'd like to say I've been really busy, but I haven't really.  Just didn't really get around to it.  

For living the bum life I had a bit of a busy day yesterday.  In the morning I had a much needed massage (I still hurt today from it!) which I followed up with an hour and a half soak in the tub!!  My book is due back soon, so I'm trying to finish it!  

A friend who I haven't seen socially lately called me up and said another friend of ours was in town and that we should all go for dinner.  And we did.  And it was delicious!  :)

Then I followed up dinner with a show!  An Australian group called the Cat Empire was playing at the bar on campus, so Adam and a co-worker friend of his and her husband (who we love hanging out with) all went.


Crafty news:  So I was planning to devote this week to paper crafts, but it just hasn't happened.  I spent a lot of time today looking at fascinators on the internet.  I'm still a little obsessed.  I want to make more! I just finished one that would be great for a wedding, it's up in the WTHW gallery (there a couple new things there actually).  But part of my obsession is becaue of Adam's co-worker - she's obsessed with them, and now I'm secretly obsessed too.  She has a few, and the ones she has are beautiful (the one she wore for her wedding in particular).  We're planning on going to the horse races with her and her husband and she has convinced me that we must wear fascinators to the horse races.  

Additionally, I'm working on a travel journal of mixed media that's insipred from my Cloth Paper Scissors mag!  Can't wait to show it off...if it turns out that is!!


  1. I also *love* fascinators. I hadn't heard of them until my sister was in the UK and they were everywhere. She decided she had to have them for her wedding, so all the bridesmaids made their own fascinators and we all wore them in the wedding. It made me want to make more!!

  2. I was waiting ALL DAY for What The Heck Wednesday...I even thought about emailing or texting you!!!!! Oh Well. I will have to post about the lovely new organizer I bought for my ribbon/scrapbooking....what's a fascinator?!?!?


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