Monday, 30 August 2010

August's Winner

Alright, time to choose a lucky winner who gets their choice of prize from My Crafty Crap!

Here's how the posts are numbered:

August 3 - 15 comments = 1 - 15
August 10 -  8 comments = 16 - 23
August 17 -17  comments = 24 - 40
August 24 - 8  comments = 41 - 48

Heading over to

The winner is:

Beverly from Flaming Toes!!!  I'll be contacting you shortly to work out the details!!

In the mean time the rest of you should check out the Flamingo Toes site!  

Beverly has all kinds of stuff about sewing, all kinds of crafting, cooking, and photography.

This week she's having ANTHROPOLOGIE NECKLACE WEEK  (OMG!! That might be too much awesome for me to handle! lol)

Every day this week she's giving us a tutorial for how to make your very own Anthro-like necklace, and then at the end of the week she's giving them all away!!!

Here's today's necklace: Pretty In Pink  (anthro on the left, Flamingo Toes' on the right)


Don't forget, she'll have a new tutorial every day!! Keep checking back, I know I will!

Special thanks to Bree from My Crafty Crap for August's Prize.  

If anyone out there is interested in being a sponsor for What The Heck Wednesday, send me an email!  It's a whole month of free advertising!!  


  1. Wow!! That is one amazing post! I feel like I won two prizes after that!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway and for all the kind words. I appreciate both so much. :)

  2. that's so crazy. I JUST highlighted that same EXACT anthro necklace on my blog! it's too cool.


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