Thursday, 19 August 2010

Back to School

One of my favorite parts of back to school when I was little was labeling everything.  Every crayon, pencil and your scissors. 

Lately I've been helping some wonderful ladies collect prizes for a scrapbooking camp that they put on every year.  I was given a giant list of sponsors to contact, and did as much as I could to get in touch with all of them.  There are always a ton of door prizes (some years enough that everyone wins 2!!) and a ton of goodies to go in our gift bags! (some of them from a past year are shown below...see those red sticker letters, they're actually glittery, and I won them!)

This camp is not only a lot of fun, but it's also a fundraiser.  The camp raises money that they donate to the Children's Hospital Foundation.  We currently don't have a children's hospital, and I think the closest one is a 6 hour drive.  That's a lot of stress on a family when you have a sick child.  Additionally, the camp also collects new toys for a Secret Santa Program which helps to bring more people a merry Christmas with presents and food.   (below: about 190 toys that will be making some children very happy)

Continuing with my story...

So far I've had a tiny bit of success with getting "yes-es"

On the note of back to school, AND scrapbooking camp sponsors, I wanted to let you know about one of the generous sponsors that we've received this year. 

Mabel's Labels has generously donated a gift certificate for their sticky labels which are perfect for back to school!!

Aren't these perfect!! I remember having little "Jill" labels and I loved them.  These are great if you have children with uncommon names because you can get whatever you want!

They have so many cute labels, some that are iron on, some that are sticky.  I think they have a label for everything!!  

Be sure to check them out if you're looking for a way to make back to school a little easier.  You won't have to spend hours writing your kid's name on everything AND you might even SAVE MONEY when you don't have to buy new supplies because your child lost stuff!  

I just want to thank Mabel's Labels for being one of our wonderful sponsors!!!

Additionally, if any of you know of craft related companies (or if you own them!) that would be interesting in donating to our event and supporting a great cause, please email me for more information!!

And for fun, a few more pics of previous years' camps:

See the table in the top left hand corner?? See the person in the white shirt (with her back to you)?  THAT'S ME! 

Every year we have a theme.  A few years ago is was Viva Las Vegas!!  We had a very special guest come visit us to bring our goodie bags - ELVIS!!  

Aka - Uncle Wayne.  My aunt is one of the organizers, and my uncle (and cousins) are great sports when it comes to camp time!  


  1. I've heard about these labels! Must check them out again, my kids LOVE to do that! Thanks!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do...I love the stickers and all the colorful goodies. All the kids involved must be so excited about it. I hope you have a great adventure at the re-use store. These places are always so much fun, you just never know what you'll find. Let us all know what you uncover:) Thank you for visiting me and for your inspiration.

  3. Where is this fundraiser? and when? can I still register?

    Also, I am sure they get thousands of requests, but Gina K of ginakdesigns and Angela M of Unity Stamps are AMAZING folks and may be willing to make a donation to the cause. It might be worth it to send them an email.


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