Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bandana Skirt Tutorial

Here's the instructions for how to make this skirt!

First, what you'll need:

Bandanas - I used 3, and I'm about a medium or a 8 or 10 in pants/skirts/dresses

Jersey for waistband - this could even be an old tee shirt

jersey for underneath (I used white) I can't really tell you how much because I never measured it.

I'm going to say that I followed this tutorial fairly closely, but because my skirt was from bandanas and not stretch lace, it's not exactly the same.  If you get really lost, I'd suggest referring to that tutorial because I'm still new to trying to explain my (probably wrong) ways of doing things when I sew.

Step 1:


From the above tutorial, the length of your waistband is your waist measurement (or where you plan to wear the skirt) divided by 2, minus 4, plus 1.  

So if your measurement was 29:
29 / 2 = 14.5 - 4 = 10.5 +1 = 11.5

and you'd cut 2 pieces that are 11.5 x 6 inches.

I wanted to have less seams, so take your measurement (29) Subtract 8 (21) add 1 (22).  Cut a 22 X 6 inch strip with the stretch in the direction of the length.

This basically gets you to the same place, but with one seam instead of two.  

Fold the band over, wrong sides together, and over lap the ends (right sides together) and sew together.

Step 2:
Next I cut all my bandanas in half.  I made sure to cut them with the "100% cotton made in china" writing going up the side, as opposed to across what will become the bottom.  After cutting them, zig zag to finish the top edge (or serge).

Step 3:
For my top layer, I used 3 bandanas all with the Made in china part.  I pinned them together and then sewed so that the made in china part could be cut off.  Make sure to finish the seam (zig zag) after cutting it off.  

Sew all 3 half bandanas into a loop.

Step 4:
Sew a ruffling stitch across the top of your bandana loop.  It helps to do this in a different color because we'll be taking it out after!  

Now pin one of the skirt seams that you want to be the back to the seam on the waistband(so that the open end of the waistband lines up with the zig zaged edge of your bandanas).  Find the centre of the waistband, and pin the centre of the bandanas together.  This way you can have slightly more even ruffles.

Step 5:
Pull the bobbin thread (which is the top one here) to create your ruffles.  Keep ruffling until the bandanas are the same length (gathered) as the waistband.  Pin the bandanas to the waistband.  Repeat on the other side.

Step 6:
Sew on top of your basting stitch (pictured in black) with a zig zag stitch.  Remove the basting stitch.  

Step 7:
Try your skirt on.  Right now you should have one layer of bandana on a waistband.  Fits? Good.  

Step 8:
Figure out how far you want your next layer to hang down.  Measure the distance from the waistband seam to the top of your next layer, and add half an inch for seam allowance.

That is how wide you want to cut your knit fabric.  For me it was 6.5".  As for length, it should be enough to go around you at that level of the skirt plus some for ruffling.

Step 9:
Sew your knit fabric into a loop.  Ruffle it again by sewing a basting stitch all around the top.  Pin the seam to line up with the waistband seam, and pin the middle to the middle of the waistband.

The bandana should now be sandwiched in the middle.  Ruffle the knit to the same length as the waistband and pin in place.  

Sew the knit onto the waistband, again using a zig zag stitch.  If you can pull out your basting stitch, do it.  Mine didn't want to, but it ended up okay.

Now you should have a 2 layer skirt - one layer of bandana, and one of knit.

Step 10:
Follow steps 3-6 to sew your bandanas together and ruffle them for the second layer.  My second layer was slightly bigger than my first because I used the parts without the made in china writing.  

This time instead of sewing the ruffle to the waistband, you're going to attach and sew it to the knit (good to good).

Step 12:
Try it on!! If you like the length, you're done!  If not, keep adding layers!

If there's anything that doesn't make sense, or that I left out, please let me know! 

Also, if you give this a try, I'd love to see it!! Email me at envirocraftiness@gmail.com

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  1. Cute skirt, and great tutorial! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. beautiful skirt, thanks for the tutorial:-)

  3. Black and white! I love it it looks amazing. Thank you so much for linking up. Now do you dare sign up for Stashbusting September?


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