Monday, 9 August 2010

Bandana Skirt!!

Alright, so I'm trying harder to actually make something with the What the Heck Wednesday item within a week of posting it.  

This week I really wanted to make a shirt out of the bandanas.  However, I have a huge rib cage, and I thought maybe white wasn't the greatest color to do this with.

I really would have loved to make something like this old navy top:

Isn't' this great?!?!  I love the fit of the top, and that fabric necklace... I've made one in the past, but maybe I'll make one like this too!

There's also this top made from a scarf and safety pins.  I would probably replace the safety pins, but I love the idea

She has a tutorial for this too!  

But instead, I made a skirt!!

This skirt is perfect with a tank and leggings!!

Here you can see the leggings and my red rose comb!!

All curled up! I love this chair!

Alright... enough of the egotistical self timer photo shoot.  lol  One of these days I'm going to have a photo shoot of all the clothes I've made so I can show them off!  There's a few tops and a dress I've made which haven't made it on the blog yet!!

Lastly, stay tuned because tomorrow I'm posting the tutorial of how you can make your own bandana skirt.   Did I mention that this cost me $3!?!?! (but not even because I already had the bandanas!!!)  You could also make this skirt with any fabric you wanted really!

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