Sunday, 22 August 2010

Busy in the kitchen

As the title says, I've been busy testing out recipes from around blog land.  Over the last week I've had a bit of success and some pretty bad FAILS! They balance each other out.  


I made supper at my boyfriend's house.  There's a local event here where restaurants from all around the city set up in the park and you get to taste their signature dishes.  We had a green curry chicken dish which was so delicious that i just had to try to find a recipe for it!!

I lucked out.  This one from The Domestic Engineer is SO close to what we had at the festival and it was SOOOOOO EASY!

It doesn't look like much, but don't let that fool you!!

(I just realized that a lot of my pictures of food are when everything is still in the pot.  But that's because this is the way I eat things.  Fancy serving dishes mean that there will just be more dishes to wash!)

I did buy the same brands as she did (Thai Kitchen) for fish sauce and green curry paste.  Next time I would add a little more green curry paste.  But other than that it was great!  It's wonderful because it's fast to make and you use one pot for the green curry chicken, and one more to do that rice.  That's it!!  I'd recommend this to everyone, and I'll definitely be making it again!


I decided to try out this recipe for black bean burgers and homemade buns from Cthuliz.   

It was my first time making buns ever.  It didn't look too scary so I gave it a try.  They turned out pretty good, although I found they were a bit on the heavy side.  Additionally, I found the bun recipe difficult to work with because of the measurements (0.375 cup?!?!) I'm guessing she is making a fraction of another recipe to yield 6 buns.

The  burgers however were fantastic!!!  I forgot that we were out of onions, and green peppers and my mom don't get along well, so my burgers didn't have green peppers and I used some onion powder instead.

I put salsa on one half of my bun and some miracle whip on the other.  It was DELISH!!!

Again, I probably wouldn't make the buns again, but I would DEFINITELY make the burgers.

Wednesday I also make some muffins.  They were the pumpkin spice muffins found here at Mainstream Mommy.  

I was frustrated because it said 1 can of pumpkin.  I didn't know what size to grab.  The grocery store closest to my house only had the cheap stuff in the big can, so I used that.

My muffins turned out a little "doughy" on the inside.  Not "raw" really, just moist beyond what would be considered tasty.

Additionally, I couldn't find a "spice cake" mix, so I grabbed carrot cake.  The flavor of my muffins was really good, but the texture was not so great.


I decided to make the cinnamon buns from my earlier post here.  Well, because I was at my boyfriend's house, and he has a desktop computer, I scribbled my recipe on a post-it note and went from there.

Here's how they turned out:

If it weren't for the giant red letters, you'd never know they were an epic fail. 

Why you ask?  Well, because I had a momentary moment of stupidness, and wrote BAKING SODA instead of BAKING POWDER. 

Yup.  I know I'm probably not the only one out there who's messed this up at some point or another, but they were honestly terrible.  I felt so bad, but my boyfriend (out of love, or maybe hunger) actually finished 2 of them (how sweet)

Tonight I also started making more yogurt.  I know some of you are interested in this, but because this is already a long post, you'll have to wait until tomorrow! :)

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  1. Yum!!! I' love soup! I wish we had a festival like that where I live!! I would be over there in a flash!!
    Really?? Yogurt maker??? What!? I can't wait to hear more!!


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