Monday, 16 August 2010

More "metal embossing"

I can't stop making all these little metal embellishments!!  The tutorial can be found here, and below are a couple more ideas of how to make them.

This time a used my stamps to stamp a design and then go over it with fabric paint.  

Here are the stamps I chose, 2 rubber ones, and 2 foam ones.

Traced over in fabric paint!

Covered in tape and embossed. :)

Cute little additions to any project!

Speaking of project, I'm trying to follow along and make a card a week with OCC Sketch Challenge. 

So trying to use my little metal embellishments, I came up with this:

I didn't like the little snowflake punches.  

Also note that the ribbon bits on the sides were added because I put clear nail polish on the sides of the green ribbon so that it wouldn't fray, but of course that left dark marks... so I covered it with cute stapled on ribbon bits! :)

Also, I have 2 ink pads that no matter what I stamp them on the NEVER seem to dry.  Actually my best friend gave them to me because she was super frustrated with them for this reason.  Being inventive I took them and figured I could work something out.

I did.  The word "JOY" is stamped and then I traced over it with Diamond Glaze which nicely seals in the ink.  Success!!  (don't have diamond glaze/can't find it, I think Mod Podge makes a very similar product - Dimensional Magic.  Actually there's a similar project done over at Fireflies and Jellybeans AND they're doing a Dimensional Magic Giveaway too - Tomorrow's the last day to enter!  I actually did this before I saw the Fireflies and Jellybeans card, great minds think alike I guess!!)

So next I decided to try to "fix" my card by adding more of my little metal looking embellishments.

Now it just felt like I threw tin foil on it.   I really hated this idea!

So then I decided that I liked the snowflakes, but not the over kill tin foil look.

I did the same thing with the snowflakes as I did with the word JOY!

Ah.  That's better! 

Still not 100% happy with it.  But its better. lol  I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. Jill thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a nice comment. You're always welcome anytime.

    Your cards are beautiful! :)

  2. Knock knock

    Who's there?

    Don't forget I'm having a Christmas Open House on Friday

    Don't forget I'm having a Christmas Open House on Friday who?

    Hope you'll come and link up, that's who!

  3. Perhaps you could have used silver glitter elswhere on the card to tie in the 'metal' embellishment? I do like the finished product the best, but the snowflakes are overpowering the 'joy'.

    Ps I totally want some of that glue...or any glue for that matter. Can you believe I don't own glue?


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