Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Party Planning

My best friend and I are planning a party.  An adult, classy, awesome party.  Why?  Mostly because we're tired of seeing other people's awesome parties and we're jealous.  lol  

Also because my dad has a cool loft where we can throw our upscale party and my friend and her mom own a wedding rental business where we can "rent" linens and decorations from.  

So on a day where she wasn't very busy at work, I stopped in, and we planned out all of our linen-y needs. Our color scheme is pewter, plum, and damask (LOVE damask right now!!)

Here's our little inspiration board.

Our colors are in the one box, chair covers with sashes in a couple others, our centre piece, inspiration for our invitations, and some drinks.

We both scrapbook, so we intend to have a night where we go out shopping and then assemble our invitations.  

Right now we have quite a few details down, (finally picked a date) but still need to decide on the menu, drinks, and favors.  Favors right now is really stumping me.  

Lastly, this excursion to my friend's shop ended with trying on a bunch of dresses! Fun!  lol

I'll be sure to post pics of the event afterwards, as well as any crafty additions to the party!


  1. you look fantastic in the 1st dress!

  2. FUN. I am loving damask right now too. And really love your color scheme!

  3. I like the colour of the first dress in maybe the style of the second dress? Or maybe just chop the 1st dress off at the knee!

    LOVE damask! It's my life :) It's going above my fire place. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The colours are awesome sauce-nicely done.

  4. OMG I love the third dress on you. That neckline is uber sexy!


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