Thursday, 5 August 2010

Purple Rain!!

Today I'm  showcasing a variety of projects I've made recently, or not so recently with the theme of purple!  

First, an old project that I did in January:

This was a gift for a wedding I went to in February (the bride's favorite color is purple).  I first made a bunch of coffee filter roses, and painted them purple and white-ish.  I glued on some pearl beads here and there for a little added embellishment.  

I made bath bombs (the purple ones are lavender and peppermint, the golden ones are sweet orange and vanilla)  and wrapped them all individually, and put them into a large coffee can.  I wrapped the coffee can in decorative scrapbook paper.

Then I cut a hole in the lid of the coffee can so that the flowers can go through, and if you wanted to, you can take the bouquet out and keep it after you're done with the can.  :)

Just the other day I finished this camera strap cover!

It's a mish-mash of other tutorials out there.  I'm going to be giving this one to my aunt to test out, make any tweeks, and then post a tutorial here. :)

Lastly (I hope my sister doesn't hate me for this one... I got this shirt from her for Christmas years ago) I started a tee shirt recon that still hasn't been finished!

The sleeves were to tight on my big beefy arms (bwahahaha) so I decided to make it into a tank with ruffles.  The first layer of ruffles sticks up funny when I wear it, so that's why it got put on the "I'll deal with it later" pile.  

However, I think that I'll add additional ruffles that longer to make a bit of a ruffle sleeve.  Trust me, it makes more sense in my head!

Thanks for checking out my purple party today!

All of the above photo collages were done using picnik.  Picnik is one of my new loves.  If anyone is interested, I'll do a tutorial on it.  Just let me know!

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  1. The flowers look very nice! And you can probably fix the ruffles with some creative ironing or a couple of stitches pinning some layers together.

  2. Never buying you clothes AGAIN! Just kidding...but that shirt was so cute....Also, kinda digging the coffee filter roses....would you think about making some in off white and coral and showing me. They would make agreat (cheap) centre pieces for the tables and keep my flower budget under control.


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