Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What the Heck Wednesday # 9

Time for another WTHW!!

This week I've found a couple of things done with dryer sheets.  Fairly clever if you ask me.

Look at these awesome sachets from Flamingo Toes!!

Reusing AND doilies, I'm in love!!

I found this too:

A DRESS made out of dryer sheets!! 

I found this on Crafting A Green World

The dress is a bit extreme, and I agree with some of the comments about the chemicals in the dryer sheets being pretty harmful (yet unfortunately we're still using them in my house)

I've heard that they're actually pretty bad for your dryer too and clog things up.  

I'm considering some of the paper sheets like these from Seventh Generation.  If Seventh Gen products interest you, they have regular coupons on their website, but not for us Canadians :(

Anyway... this week's item is dryer sheets.  I'd love to know what you do with them instead of throwing them out - crafty uses and others!!

This week you have 4 ways to enter to win August's prize kindly donated by Bree from My Crafty Crap

1) Leave me a comment with an idea of what to do with used dryer sheets (1 entry per comment, multiple comments welcome)

2) Follow Envirocraftiness (and leave a comment)

3) Become a follower of My Crafty Crap (come back here and comment to let me know!)

4) In a comment, let me know if you've tried greener dryer sheets, what brands, and how they've worked.  Or if you have found another green solution to replace dryer sheets I'd love to hear about that too! 

Can't wait to hear what you come up with!!


  1. One thing to make out of dryer sheets is a potpourri sachet for your dresser drawers. Just sew two together around 3 sides, stuff with potpourri, and sew the 4th side together.

    I am currently using the seventh generation dryer sheets. I tried a few other "green" brands, but this one is may favorite. They kind of feel like paper, and I am able to use them 2 to 3 times in a row. Then I can throw them in my compost bin.

  2. Unfortunately, I only use the spiky plastic dryer fluffing balls.

  3. Dryer sheets don't have a fabric direction, so how about using them as interfacing?

  4. Many layers of sheets can be used as batting in a thin quilt.

  5. And here is another very pretty dress made of sheets:

  6. If you had enough, you could tear/cut them into strips, then braid the strips and wind the braids up (flat) and either glue or sew together to make coasters.

  7. Well thank you so much for the link! And that dress is pretty amazing. I think if you saved enough of them you could stuff a small pillow or anything else!

  8. It's not really crafty... but we used to shove them in out vents so when the AC was running it would smell good in the house. We use soap with softener in it now so we don't have the sheets anymore. You said something about them clogging? It's mainly your lint filter. You should wash it under hot water until water runs through it easily once a month. :)

  9. Dryer sheets. I should probably use them but i don't. I know I am such a slacker.

  10. I keep used dryer sheets in my underroo drawer... just keeps everything smelling nice :)

  11. no I have not tried any green-er versions of dryer sheets... I got 30 boxes of snuggle for free after coupons so I haven't really worried about dryer sheets in a long time...

  12. Dryer Sheets make good dusters for electronics, like your TV!

  13. I love dryer sheets as car fresheners

  14. I've been using dryer sheets inside of my dance shoes for a while even the used ones. For the used ones I lay quite a few down and put a bit of baking soda on the and bundle it up with a rubber band or two before cramming them in the shoes. And it helps tremendously, dance shoes (mostly pointe shoes) can get really stinky. I also stick a sheet or two in my dance bag to keep it decent smelling.


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