Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What the Heck Wednesday!

Reading everyone's blogs with back to school posts makes me sad that I won't be shopping for new school supplies for myself this year.  It's the first time in... about 18 years!!! *tear*

I think I might wait until the first couple weeks of September and pick myself up some cheapie school supplies just because I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES.  Seriously, I could spend all day in Staples.  Yup, I'm a nerd.

So in the spirit of back to school, this week's WTHW item is actually my first WTHW item that only had one suggestion, so I decided to leave it, and that I'd throw it back in to the mix at a later date.

It's this pencil case! 

I can't wait to hear your ideas for what you'd do with it!!!  (remember, it doesn't have to stay as a pencil case! Get creative!!)

Again, don't forget that this month's prize comes from Bree at My Crafty Crap.

She's been busy adding things to her shop!  Look at her newest creation:

Isn't that fabric adorable?!?!  

Remember to check out her facebook galleries.  Also, I'm sure if there's something that you wanted to purchase from her facebook site (even if it's not on her Etsy yet) she'd do it for you because she's just that sweet.  

Now, to be entered to win this month's prize:

1) Leave a comment letting me know what you'd do with this pencil case (leave one comment for each idea.  Each comment = 1 entry)

2) Become a follower and let me know in a comment (or if you already are, remind me in a comment!)

3) Extra entry - visit Bree's blog, My Crafty Crap and leave her some comment love (and come back here to let me know!)

Thanks for everyone's participation.  I look forward to hearing all your great ideas!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! ME TOO!!! I <3 office supplies. Staples is one of my favourite stores (Canadian Tire is the other) I love shopping for new things, and even though I don't have back to school shopping I almost always have to by something new for work or home around this time.

    Now my suggestion is to turn this into a travel game system with magnetic tic-tac-toe on the lid and magnetic paper dolls on the base.

  2. Recylcing very Jill of you! Idea #1 decoupage it and use it as a catch all for keys, jewelry at the front door. I KNOW, there isn't really a place like that at your house, so make a little shelf to put it on :)

  3. Idea #2 if you culd find food safe shelac or something, you could cover it and use it as serving dish for olives, cheese and crackers, pickles etc etc.

  4. I'm coming up totally blank on the pencil box. I have a tin box (vintage) very similar and I dont' know what to do with it.

  5. I loved buying school supplies for my children when they were young. I still like to go down the isles even if I don't really need to buy anything anymore.

  6. here's what I would do. Make a small clutch. Pick three small pieces of fabric: two for the outside one for the inside. Then you need a small piece of quilt batting. You know, the fluffy stuff you use to make quilts? yea. Ok. First glue fabric directly to bottom outside piece. Then onto the top... cut the batting to fit the top peice, making sure it laps over to the sides of the top a bit. Now with the fabric for the top, stretch it over the batting and glue it down on the sides. You can use a pretty ribbon or bias tape to cover up sides if you don't want to worry about being too precise. once outside is done, cover the inside. if you cut a long consistent piece for the inside and to triagles for the sides, you can form a hinge for the case. A small mirror would be great glued to the inside of the lid for lipgloss check. And there you have it. Your very own couture clutch. :)

    I did this with those Altoid mint cases for a couple of my nurse friends a year ago and they still carrying them around today.

  7. Oh, I'm following you now.

  8. Just stopped by to tell you that I am featuring your blog tomorrow on my regular Friday Feature "Featured Followers Friday".