Friday, 13 August 2010

You're All Awesome

Comic from xkcd

Alright, so I love this comic, but I wanted to make sure everyone got it, so the video was neccessary.  I also love that discovery channel commercial!

Anyway, the reason I'm so full of love today is because in my 2 hours of catching up on blogs (that's what happens when you miss a day!)  I got so much love and lovely surprises.  

Thanks to everyone for being so sweet.

Here's what I mean:

An email I received from Cindy:

Hi love your blog.. just wondered if you have a DIY on the coffee filter roses?  they are beautiful

 thanks a lot, Cindy

For any of you wondering the same thing, I will get on it.  My instructions come from Martha Stewart, but I feel that they could use some more pics to make it a bit clearer, and I'll be letting you know what works best for me.

Cindy and her daughter live miles apart and share this wonderful blog where they each post one picture a day.  What a fabulous idea.  It's so beautiful.

Next, I tuned into one of my favorite regular reads My Repuropsed Life and found out that I'm one of the lucky people that's featured on her Featured Followers post for this week.  

Thanks Gail!

For anyone who hasn't checked out her site, I highly recommend it.  She's a genius with extreme talent.  Also, I've found some wonderful blogs though her friday feature, so check those out too!

I stopped by Win Lose or Blog because today is the wrap up of their first season, and guess what! I won a prize!!!  I never win anything!!

This blog is highly motivational, and now's a great time to start following it as they're heading into their second season.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in the first season!

Lastly, on kind of the same note, I was checking in to see how Kenz was doing on her blog All The Weigh and she mentioned a comment I'd left her yesterday in today's post.  I comment on blogs because I like to share with others and make some bloggy friends.  It's always nice to know that your comments are appreciated and valued.  :)

Thanks again to everyone for all the love.  It really inspires me to keep blogging when I know that there's people out there who read and like what I do.  Right now things are hard because I don't have a job, and it gets lonely and there are definitely bad days, but all of you out there, wherever you are, make a difference.  

P.S.  I have a job interview next week! Wish me luck!


  1. Woot woot, for the job interview! Good luck! And did you see you won a prize a WLoB

  2. Don't worry, you aren't talking to yourself! I sometimes feel like that though and find myself start to wonder why I'm bothering, so I always appreciate any comments I get! Because of that, I'm trying to be better about commenting on other people too. :)

    And good luck next week!

  3. awww shucks! thanks for the kind words!
    good luck in your job interview!

  4. Hey Jill, be sure to email me your address so I can get your prize to you :) It's


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