Thursday, 2 September 2010

Another Blog Award!

I just received the "Blog with Substance" award from Kimberly over at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me!! Thank you sooo much!  I'm always surprised and flattered when people think that my blog is worthy of awards!

I've recently discovered Kimberly's blog through another blog, the T-Shirt Diaries because Kimberly is also another judge of Stashbusting September!

Blog Awards are always wonderful to receive, but sometimes I feel that they want you to pass them on to A LOT of people, which for me anyway, can become hard.  I don't want to just start passing these on to blogs that I've just found, not that they aren't great too, but I really want to be as sincere as possible when I give these out.  

The first requirement of this award is to thank the person you got it from (check!)

The next is to sum up your blogging philosophy in 5 words (That's hard!!)

1. Fun
2. Frugal
3. Honest
4. Sustainable
5. Learning

So now would be the step where I pass this on.  Instead, what I"m going to do is give a shout out to some other lovely ladies who are all involved with Stashbusting September.

Stashbusting September is an event put on by Robin over at the T-Shirt Diaries.  It's a contest where you're to create as many projects as you like for the month of September WITHOUT buying anything!  Yup!  And in case you're wondering "what if I find the deal of the millennium!?!?!"  No worries.  Robin wants you to post about it, and add her special Oops! button to the post!  Sound awesome?  I think so!

Next I want to introduce the team of judges Robin has put together.  I'm one of them, and super honored, but you already know about me and my blog, so I'll just move on....

I'd like to introduce to you Kimberly who is the sweet girl who gave me this blog award.  Her blog is bugaboo, mini, mr. & me.  I've just started reading it and can't get enough.  Just the other day she left bugaboo alone for just minutes, and in that time he managed to draw all over the counters, couch and mini with an orange sharpie marker!! YIKES!!  She had quite a bit of success getting it out of the couch. Thank goodness!!

She recently made this gorgeous "Farewell to Summer" Wreath!! LOVE IT!!

The final judge for Stashbusting September is Tricia from Leafy Treetop Spot - Made by Me. Shared with you.  Her blog is full of great crafts from tee shirt re-fashions to recipes and toys!

Some of my favorite projects by her include this petal shirt, with full tutorial!

And these booties that are just too cute for words!!

So make sure to pop over to her blog as well, she has so many great tutorials!!

That about sums it up for now! Make sure to drop by the blogs of these three lovely ladies!!

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