Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Blocks

I've seen these all over and LOVE them! I have wanted to make a set of grown up blocks for a long time, but just hadn't.

The perfect opportunity came up because my boyfriend is finishing his basement (including framing) and so there were the perfect 2x4 scraps to steal!

1. I started by painting them.  All I had on hand was acryllic paint, so that's what I used.  It took 2 coats for nice coverage.  I didn't worry about painting the faces because that's going to get covered up.

2.  Next I added a little bit of the orange paint to the long bottom block just for a funsies.  In truth, I tried to do something "fancy looking" and it just looked dumb, so then it got painted solid orange.

3. Then I distressed the edges a bit with some sandpaper.

4.  Choose the paper you want and cut it a little smaller than the face of your block.  Now is the time to chalk/ink/distress the edges of your paper.  I chose to use a little black ink on the edges, I like it because it's subtle, but there. 

5.  Glue your paper onto the block.  I used mod podge on the back of the paper only.  I used a paint brush to brush it on, and then used a gift card (with no balance) to smooth it out.  I'd never actually tried this, and it works great, the extra mod podge is smooshed out and the paper is nice and smooth.

6.  Using a cricut/stencil/printer/etc.  cut out the letters that you want for the faces of the blocks.  Again, ink/distress/etc. the letters before gluing them on.  

I used the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge, varying the size of the letters depending on the size of the blocks.  

Then I found a cute quote for the front of the block, cut it out using the Base Camp Cartridge.

7.  Glue letters onto the blocks.  I used a tiny paint brush and mod podge.

8.  Add extras like ribbon, gems, etc!

I didn't this time because I really liked the paper I used and didn't want to take away from it.  I feel the base could use a little something, but I'm not sure what.  I'm really happy with it regardless!  


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  1. Super cute. I love that they are fall, but not so over-the-top-orange-pumpkins-everywhere. Very nice!

  2. they look great! How's the basement coming along? Just think of all the other projects that this basement makeover will inspire!?!?! lol

  3. Really cute!! I love that you wrote no balance gift card...so funny!

    Your blocks turned out awesome! Great job!

  4. Super cute! Don't ya just love all those scraps of wood!!


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