Thursday, 30 September 2010


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Does this every happen to anyone else??

You start with tidying, and then it turns out to be full on cleaning and purging?

This is what happened to me on Saturday.  

I cleaned out one of my 6 canvas bins.  This one is the one that holds everything like paint, pencil crayons, markers, crayons, glue, stationary, etc.

I went through here and sorted, and now it all fits happily in the bin (instead of spilling out the top)

Because I had places to go, I only got one bin done, but I'll get to the others soon.  

One of my best ideas:

I added a dab of paint to the lids of my acrylics! Now I don't have to dump them all out to see what I have!! Yay!

AND look what I found:

This has to be a million years old!! We haven't had a Lewiscraft in our city for many years!  

Also, speaking of things that are a million years old, I went through my pencil case full of Mr. Sketch smelly markers, and was going to throw out the ones that were dry.  I think I threw 2 of 24 out.  The rest were like new

Here's the remarkable part though:  

These markers have to be at least TEN YEARS OLD!  

So if you're ever debating what brand to buy for your kids' markers, I'd say go with Mr. Sketch!!

Time to craft now that I can find everything!!

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  1. When I was 17, while cleaning my room, I found an envelope with $250 in it. Apparently, I'd cashed a paycheck, stuck the money back in the envelope, and forgot about it. Craziness.

    It helped to offset the time I was 10, and was being forced to clean my room on Christmas break. I found the remains of a sack lunch...from the teacher I'd had the year before.

    My poor mother.

  2. always looks worse before it looks better. When I'm cleaning / organizing, it generally takes for.EVER because I spend so much time reading through old letters and looking at old pictures. I found letters from my BFF from 2nd funny to go back!

    Great job with the paint!

  3. Well, it wasn't exactly cleaning, but I was going through some of my sister's stuff today (she lost her battle with cancer over a year ago), and found several crochet projects she had started and never finished. I will always keep those, because it's like a part of her is in it.


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