Monday, 13 September 2010


I started making a dress to go to my friend's wedding (which I gave up on the day before, and chose something out of my closet to wear because finishing the dress for the next day was too much hassle)  BUT I did finish the clutch that I made to match!

I followed the tutorial on noodlehead, and it went pretty well!

I made a couple of flowers that add a little extra pretty.  The whole purse was made from stuff from my stash! Yay for stashbusting!!

The inside is just black, I added the divider and card pockets that it suggested, but I think next time I'd skip the divider.

I'll definitely be making more of these. Maybe as Christmas gifts!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I've been seeing so many of these lately, I feel like I should give in to peer pressure & join in! :) Your's turned out really cute, I especially like the flowers you added.

  2. cuteness! way better than a clutch you find at the store that like 500 other people are carrying around :)

  3. I love this clutch! Super cute and girly. the flowers, the gathering and the colour are all wonderful!

  4. This is on my Christmas list. I have a lovely LBD that is in desperate need of a lovely clutch to go with it!

  5. that is SO stinkin cute!! i'm totally going to make that for my sil and fill it with cute jewelry!

    THANKS for the link to the tut, i haven't seen it before! :)kelli


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