Sunday, 5 September 2010

Photo Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Once again I'm participating in the scavenger hunt over at Ramblings and Photos.

This week it was hard finding the time to fit all these in.  Here's what I came up with!

1. Red

This caught my eye as it was right on the floor in front of me!

2. Homespace

This is the couch we spend the most time on.  My mom refers to it as her couch in the kitchen, because upstairs it's just one big open space, with an island in between which is great for entertaining!

3. Fence

This is our small section of fence on our patio.  We live in a townhouse complex, and all these fences are painted grey and they look stupid because nothing else is grey!

4. Rock

Random cracked rock among a pile of rocks.

5. Sharp

I thought my friend Gregg looked pretty sharp giving his best man speech at his brother's wedding! I love the way he's looking over at his brother in this shot.  It's very "Gregg"

I feel that I did a little better this week than last, even though so many of the shots were last minute!!  

Looking forward to next week:
1. Landscape
2. Power line
3. Newspaper
4. Pose
5. Hobby


  1. I love your homespace. Looks so inviting. Great rock picture too.

  2. These are great shots and I'm glad you joined us again. I think my favorite this week is your fence shot...I'm a sucker for unique perspectives. Have a great week.

  3. it wouldn't be scavenger hunt Sunday if it weren't last minute! I wonder how many of us feel like we're getting this in just under the wire every week?

    I love your homespace shot, it looks like such a relaxing room.

  4. those are some great photos! the sharp one was very creative...awesome!

  5. I really like your fence shot! Great job....thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. love your cozy living area! Also, great record shot. I remember listening to those all the time with my dad when I was growing how times have changed:)

  7. Wow. These are awesome shots! I especially love your take on red. :)

  8. love all your photos my fav is the bright red against the black record. very nicely done

  9. I'm loving the fence shot, fence is definitely my favourite theme for this week, everyone's photos are great!

  10. Love the red shot! Do you actually have a working turn table?? Amazing ;)

  11. Great ideas for your shots! Seems like you thought outside of the box...great photos!


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