Sunday, 19 September 2010

Photo Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Time for another Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week I committed to getting this done because I felt the items were very do-able!  Most of them ended up being a little last minute, but I'm working on it!

Here we go!

1. Dream/Wish

It's my dream to live in a sustainable world where we don't live in a linear waste cycle, but a cyclical one, as described in the book Cradle to Cradle (I suggest everyone read it!)  One day it's my dream that we don't have waste/garbage anymore, that everything can be recycled (not in the way things are now where it's basically downcycling - the products are a lesser quality than they originally were - but as Cradle to Cradle discusses, waste becomes food, like in nature)

2. Clean

A little bit lame, but in my house, cleaning bathrooms is my job (because I HATE vacuuming!) Why do I like cleaning bathrooms?  Because of the noticeable difference when you're done and the way that everything shines and looks all pretty.  Yup.  I'm lame.

3. Currency

I had a hard time choosing for this.  I had a lot of fun shots, and because there's no rule making me pick just one, here're my favorites!

Yup, 100 smackeroos!

I thought this one was particularly neat.  It's three different versions of $2 CAN.  The top is a bill from 1954, the next is a bill from 1986 (my birth year!) and the last is our current $2 coin, 1996.

Here's another one of just the dates

Lastly, a bunch of different 1's (US, Canada, an Indonesia, don't ask me where I got that, I really don't know, I've had it since I was little!)

4. Pair

The first thing I thought for this was socks.  How lame right?  So I went with my favorite shoes.  Nothing pretty and spiffy.  They're my everyday ecco shoes I love them and wear them everywhere until it gets too cold.  Like now. :(

5. Square

This was a hard one for me.  I kinda wanted to put a picture of myself here.  Hahahahaha.  Yeah, I know.  

I decided on a square of sticky notes.  I love sticky notes.  LOVE. I make lists for everything.  I even do it on my computer.  I have 10 "sticky notes" on my computer desktop right now (one always has the scavenger hunt themes on it!!)  

Thanks for stopping by!!

Next week:
  1. Miniature
  2. Water Droplet
  3. Bedhead
  4. Colorful
  5. Eyes


  1. Great job this week - I think the whole point in the scavenger hunt it to provide items that everyone can somehow spot in their everyday've done just that. Great work!

  2. great shots, they are all perfect items!

  3. I like the post its as much as you do, in the office I wouldn't be able to work without them

  4. Your square is so creative! We would love to live off grid someday...recycling everything would be amazing!

  5. LOVE these shots! When I saw your first shot (before reading), I thought it was a laundry basket full of laundry perhaps you were "wishing" to go away. HA! LOVE the sticky note shot - so creative! :-)

  6. Lovely photos! The "squares" are very creative!

  7. Great currency shots!
    I'm totally a list-maker too =)

  8. very cool currency! I love seeing all the different kinds:-) And yes, it is better to clean a bathroom than vacuum!

  9. I'm going to have to check out that Cradle to Cradle book over my break. Just out of curiousity, have you read Limits to Growth (the 30-year Update) by Meadows? I've been reading it in one of my urban planning classes and have repeatedly squashed the urge to write up a huge post on it. Regardless, it's another book that will really make you think about what you are throwing away and how and what we use on a daily basis.

  10. Great job. I really love your clean shot. I hate doing bathrooms. Very cool photos.

  11. I love your "pair" shot... very original ideas! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  12. Great job, I love a clean bathroom...mine gets cleaned but rarely the way I like

  13. I just love the wish photo. I just might have to check out that book.. I have a craft room that most of the furniture I got from the curb that other people were throwing out.. It was cheep and I love the way it looks.. Great shots this week...


  14. no way, too funny. I do bathrooms because I hate to vacuum! :)

    Love the shot with the different 1's.


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