Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Vellum Luminary

Super quick but cute project for home decor.  This one is perfect if you have kids because they can help, it's quick and easy, AND electric candles mean no house fires when someone races by and knocks it on the floor!

1. Take a piece of vellum (available at any scrapbooking store) and cut it to the size you like.  Mine is small (sorry, forgot to measure) because I'm using an electric tea light.  If you have a bigger size light, you'll want it bigger!

2. Here's the creative part.  Cut out whatever autumn shapes you like (I used the doodlecharms cricut cartridge) out of cardstock. You could even draw right on the vellum if you like and skip step 3, OR use a patterned vellum and skip to step 4!

3.  Glue your shapes to the vellum.  I used modpodge because it was the closest glue I could grab.  It worked alright, but if you have spray vellum adhesive, try that, or anything else you would use on vellum.  Because I used modpodge, the whole thing started to curl up a bit, so I put another piece of paper over it, and added some weight so that it would dry flat.

4.  Gently roll your vellum into a column with the cardstock shapes on the inside.  I found it helped to press the cardstock shapes round first.  If any of the pieces pop off, glue them back on.  Glue/tape your ends together.

5.  Optional:  add a base to your luminary by glue it to a circle of cardboard, or anything else you like (lids of things work well!)  I found it easiest to put a little hot glue on the vellum and then putting it on the cardboard, and then trimming.

6.  Put your electric candle inside and enjoy!

7.  Optional:  I thought that mine didn't look quite done, so I glued a strip of ribbon to the top and bottom on the outside of the vellum.

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  1. Oh cool! And I have the Doodlecharms cart. I actually like the idea of doubling the paper to give it body. I wonder if you could do this w/real leaves too?

  2. LOVE! So great and simple and gorgeous! Do you KNOW how much they charge for the Glade flameless candles! ALOT! Great alternative. Also I wouldn't have almost burned my venetian blinds had this been an option in my childhood!


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