Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What the Heck Wednesday! #14

Even though it's fall week, I'm still having What the Heck Wednesday.  For anyone that's new, the gist of it is, I post an item that I want you to help me figure out what to do with.  When you leave comments with suggestions, you get entered to with this month's prize.  Please check out all the details on the What the Heck Wednesday page!

This week I'm looking for ideas for what to do with my giant bag of craft moss. I bought it because I thought it would finish off another project nicely, and then used a pinch, and now have a lot left over!!

Let me know what you would do/have done with it!!  Feel free to leave links to your own projects!!!

To enter to win September's prize from Leslie:

1) Leave a comment letting me know what you'd do with the moss (1 ENTRY per comment, multiple comments welcome) Feel free to leave links to your own projects! I love seeing what you've made!

2) Become a follower, and leave a comment (or if you're already a follower, leave a comment to remind me) 1 ENTRY

3) Leave some comment love on Leslie's blog (and come back here to let me know in a comment) 1 ENTRY

4) Become a follower of Leslie's blog (and let me know) TWO ENTRIES

**so far there have been very few entries this month :( but that means you have a great chance at winning!!!**

Thanks for checking it out! Fall week is only half over, and don't forget about the link party on FRIDAY!!!

Check out the other projects that I've posted this week!

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  1. Its so funny that you ask about the moss. I just saw this Halloween wreath in a link party today that uses craft moss.
    I thought that it was such a great and creative idea.