Thursday, 28 October 2010

Party Time!!

First off, I have to apologize for being a little spacey lately.  I've been pretty busy teaching fitness classes (5 classes a week plus 2 more practices for a new program I'm teaching!) plus getting ready for my craft show (which I'm feeling behind on) and then there's always life too (which right now is causing me to be pretty busy too).  

Now on to the good stuff!!!  

Here's the results of me and my best friend's party efforts!  These are the "people shots" and if you want to see our decor, check out my pre-party teaser post!  Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of the food before it got gobbled up.  It was sooo good (if I do say so myself!)

Me, getting the bar together.

Newly married couple (Feb 6, 2010) Briana and Darren

Amy's a kitty!  This is one of the reasons we were going to call our party "You can dress us up but you can't take us out"  

Here are the lovely shots from our photo corner! FUN!!!

Amy and Megan...even silly they're still sexy!

That alien, he sure is #1!!

There are no words for this one!!

Shark hat...what is more funny is that my sister had to wear it for a dance costume once!

Briana and Darren getting ready to bake some giant cookies!!!

Don't our men look handsome?!?!?!

Time to get silly!!

Us girls looking pretty!  (I HATE that I'm head tilting!! I really need to quit that!)

And of course, the boys can't show us up, we have to get silly too!!  I know, I'm too awesome for words here.  lol!

Thanks for checking out our party!  We had a lot of fun and this dress up party might become an annual event!

My best friend (Amy) and I are already planning 2 more parties! We started a wiki to keep organized for this one, and have now modified it because we've become party planning junkies!!!  You'll definitely see anything else we come up with, but it might be a little while!  



  1. ok, you in the shark hat is hilarious! and i love that the guys weren't afraid of getting silly! i wish my guy was a little more silly...maybe i should show him this!

  2. got leslie's cards today *WOW!!!!!!!!!* they're amazing!!


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