Thursday, 21 October 2010

Strange photos

Every now and again, I find something funny enough that I just have to take a picture.  Here are some of those photos.  I'll warn you the last one is a little inappropriate, and I'll warn you again before we get to it, because depending on where you work, it may be NSFW, and definitely not for children's eyes (it's a sex toy).  Honestly, it's not that bad, but I feel that I should warn people because it's not the normal content found on my blog.

I apologize for the quality of some of these, often they're taken with my phone because it's spur of the moment.  

This was from my design project in January.  The penny is just for size reference...  On the right is what we intended to order (a 8 legged dual inline package chip)  that tiny black spot... well, that's what we accidently ordered instead.  Someone sneezed and we almost lost it. 

Who doesn't need this?  They're slippers that clean your floor.  lol  This should be what everyone's kids are getting for Christmas.  Put those feet to work!

I saw this as I was walking home from the grocery store one day.  Living in a condo you only have so much lawn space.  Apparently these people wanted to make the most of it!

This one just struck me as funny.  A whole wall at Dollarama just covered in cut off limbs.  Awesome.

This was taken at the Bay, in the men's underwear section.  They actually had those boxers in stock.  I'm really not sure how this is supposed to appeal to men and sell underwear.  My boyfriend and I laughed hysterically though.  And now he's emailing it to all his friends.  lol

Alright, here's the one that's not really appropriate for certain audiences....

Yes.  That is what you think it is.  It was on the street in front of my condo complex.   I first wonder how it got there, but then realized that wherever it came from, that person probably wouldn't want to pick it up!

Hope you had a laugh looking at these! 


  1. that's right, everyone in this house is getting those slippers in their stockings!! My floor will never be cleaner!

    (and is that a package of socks above the SEVERED LEGS??? Apparently they left them there as they realized they couldn't use them since their legs were severed.)

  2. I LOVE creepy random pictures!

  3. HA!!! That's great! Now I need to go get those undies for my hubby...l ;)

  4. These are too funny. I wonder if the last one was left for Halloween? I see so many weird things here and there, I should always have my camera with me. Thanks for sharing.


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