Monday, 11 October 2010

Tag! I'm it!

I got Tagged by K from Big K, Little a!

This one's pretty easy.  I answer the 8 questions she came up with, create 8 of my own, and tag 8 others to answer them!  

Here I go!

1-Who was your mentor growing up?  What about now?
Growing up, I'm going to have to go with my dance teacher Meagan.  She was always so smart, creative, inspiring, supportive, funny, talented... I could go on forever.  I'm so glad that she's still giving herself to so many young dancers!

Love this picture of her! So cute!!

2-If you had a shopping spree at one store, which store would it be?
Right now I'm in serious need of clothes so I think I would have to go with Smart Set.  I love their styles, and reasonable prices.

Another on this list would be The Better Good.  It's a locally owned store that sells things that are recycled, fair trade, sustainable, organic, and/or locally sourced.  It's just an all around great store!  They also sell TOMS shoes.  Swoon!

And the obvious answer is Michaels!

3-If you could own any pet, what would you have, and what would you name it?
I would want a puppy more than anything!!  I'm not sure what I'd name it. 

My boyfriend an I have decided that if we were to get a cat, we'd name it Sparta (how cool is it to introduce your cat as "This is Sparta!" yup, we're lame)

4-If you could start any business, what would you start?
I"d like to start an environmental/sustainable consulting business.  I would work with people and figure out how to make their lives more sustainable and earth friendly, while they can still live very similar to the way their used to.

I also have a secret obsession for organizing.  So I'd love to have a business cleaning up and organizing other peoples houses/lives!

5-Dream vacation spot?
This one's hard.  I love to travel, and Europe is very appealing, however it wouldn't really be much of a vacation.  Family friends' of ours have a wonderful lakefront cabin up north, and that would also be high on the list.  I have lots of fond memories of that place!

6-If you started a charity, what would it be for?
Breast cancer is something that is close to my heart because my family has been directly affected.

MS is also high up on the list because again, this has recently struck very close to home (you'll eventually hear more about me talking about MS because I plan to participate in my city's MS walk with a friend's team.  But more on that at a late time!)

And environmental causes are also high up there.  Of course!

7-What's on your Christmas list this year?
Oooh! Good question.  My family hates this, but it's always clothes.  I'm terrible at shopping for myself, and hate it, so I love when people buy me clothes.  Last year for my birthday, I asked my mom to buy me jeans! And she did!  

I keep a word document at all times, and make a list of things I want as I think of them, because come christmas I never can think of anything!  This year I have adult board games, and a gorilla pod on the list so far!  The list also has ideas for everyone else as I think of them!

Gorilla Pod in action

8-What are/would you be for Halloween?
I'm actually working on my costume right now.  I'm going as Odile, the black swan from Swan Lake.  It's pretty perfect because I have a black body suit, tights and ballet shoes from when I used to dance (that still fit - awesome!) and a bunch of black tulle that I got for free!

My 8 Questions!
1 What type of theme party would you want someone to throw you for your birthday?
2 How many (if any) siblings do you have, and what is your favorite childhood memory with them?
3 If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
4 Who would play you in a movie of your life?
5 Sweet or Salty?
6 What do you wish you could tell your ten year ago self?
7 Do you eat corn (think niblets) with dinner as a starch (ie potato, pasta, etc) or as a vegetable (ie carrots, green beans, peas)?  I"m asking because my best friend and I disagree on the matter! lol
8 If you could live in a past era which would it be?

Tag! You're It!
Again, I always have trouble with these things and picking the specified number of people, so here's just a few:

**also, I understand that some people chose not to do this, and that's alright!**


  1. Jill, it was so fun reading all your answers!! Thanks for thinking of me - I appreciate it!

  2. Aww, thanks for being a good sport!

  3. I want a gorilla pod too! Also Natalie Portman's lunge in that picture is horrendous! Yay-I'm so glad you tagged me!

  4. Fun reading your answers! I love the idea of the gorilla pod! So clever! Your scavenger Hunt Sunday photos are amazing too!

  5. Thank you. I will try and try to do this. I know I am the worst.


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