Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What the Heck Wednesday! #16

Don't forget, this week's prize is a $35 gift card from CSN stores!  Check out more on the What The Heck Wednesday page!

This week's item:

Toilet paper rolls!

Let me know what you like to do with them!  Feel free to include links of things you've done with them, I love checking out your projects!!

To enter to win the $35 gift certificate:

1) Leave a comment letting me know what you'd do with the cork (1 ENTRY per comment, multiple comments welcome) Feel free to leave links to your own projects! I love seeing what you've made!

2) Become a follower, and leave a comment (or if you're already a follower, leave a comment to remind me) 1 ENTRY


  1. Oh man, do I get bawled out anytime I try to throw a toilet paper or paper towel roll away. a is of making things out of them. Some ideas from her include binoculars. (Take two, glue them together, punch holes, add string.), use one as a megaphone, or make Barbie furniture. We've made chairs and footstools using a tube, some fabric, ad cotton balls, many a time.

    As far as adult crafts go, I've seen them made into napkin rings, pumpkin banners, pencils name it.

    Personally, it's an extended family tradition to make an angel for the top of the Christmas tree and glue it to a roll. Works perfectly!
    Happy crafting!

  2. The endless uses for the toilet paper roll..... I love the napkin holders that my kids and I made for our "Thanksgiving" table one year {I'll be showing them off real soon}

  3. Oh.... and there's always the practical use of a toilet paper roll.... slip the roll over a wrapped up extention cord to keep it nice and tidy :D

  4. I followed this link and made a mummy!

    It was fun and turned out so cute! Hope I win!

  5. Hi there, I haven't done anything crafty with toilet paper rolls since my boys were in school. I do use parts of wrapping paper rolls (because they seem a little heavier) to keep my plastic bags organized in the garage and the thinner vegetable bags organized in the kitchen.

  6. I'm already a follower and love your wonderful ideas.

  7. I hope you will tell me what to do with them! I have a bunch saved up just waiting for a project!!

    I was trying to sign up for your CSN giveaway but cannot find the comment button to save my life!! Can you tell me where it is- had no problem on this one!