Monday, 15 November 2010

Celeb Spotting!

Last friday Amy and I decided to take our men with us and go watch our junior hockey team play.  What we didn't plan on was Gene Simmons being there!!!   The best part?  We were 1 section away from him!!!!  They were there taping his reality show.  I caught the camera pan over my section at least who knows, maybe I'll make it on tv!!  ha ha ha

I could actually see him!!! Check it out!!

In the first intermission he came out to play goalie against some cowboys!

Always a performer!!

He shoots......


Cowboy #2 shoots......


Alright, you've probably had enough of goalie Gene.... So here's me and Amy!

Alright... so when the boys went to go get themselves drinks, we got a little silly with self taken photos!!

My favorite!!!  (a little NOW.....)

AND a little THEN...

Stopping for ice cream after a game (high school days...check out my terrible hair!  OMG)

This was my 17th birthday I think.  I caught a teddy bear and ended up getting it signed.  

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Gene Simmons is the only and let me repeat that only reality show i watch..looks like you girls had a blast

  2. Ugh, well there is no shortage of unfortunate teenage photos for us is there? Good thing we outgrew it lol.

  3. I bet Gene came to Saskatoon becuase Shannon Tweed's (common law wife) mum lives in Saskatoon. Leona worked with Shannon's mum at a hospital in S'toon! Too funny :)


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