Monday, 22 November 2010

Green and White!!!

This weekend the last two games were played to decide who goes to the Grey Cup.... and the Saskatchewan Roughriders made it!! Whoooot!!  

Last week for the play off game I made rolo cupcakes.  They were a big hit and delicious!!  (I heard that one of the guys still hasn't shut up about them! lol)

A couple of our friends that we watch the game with LOVE the site Bake it in a Cake.  Basically it's a site showing a whole bunch of other things baked into cakes/cupcakes.  

One of the guys last weekend was talking about how awesome it would be to have cupcakes inside cupcakes and then baked into a cake.


I used a cake mix and again used some of the cake secrets from the Make it and Love it Make-a-Cake series to keep it super moist; I brought my eggs to room temperature first, I used milk, I added a little more oil than called for, and I mixed it with a wire whisk instead of beating it for a long time (like it calls for)

First I made a dozed mini muffins.  I under baked them, leaving them in just past the "wiggle point."  After letting them cool a bit I threw the whole tin in the freezer, just incase they had any raw-ness still.  

Next I took separated the cake batter into 2 bowls.  Using food coloring I colored one bowl green.  I then put a spoonful of the green batter into the (full sized) cupcake tins.  I placed a mini cupcake on this, and then spooned some more batter over top of them.  I baked these again for a very short period of time,  just keeping an eye on them.

After they were cooled, I spread a thin layer of the remaining white batter into a cake pan.  I then placed 7 green cupcakes into the pan and spooned the remaining batter between them.  If I had had more batter left, I would have added some to the tops of the cupcakes as well.  

The finished cake got baked until it started turning golden on top.  

Because I didn't have enough batter left over to put some on top of the green cupcakes, I wanted a light icing so that I could cover the unevenness without it being overwhelming.  I made a pudding-dream whip icing found here.

I decorated with some green sprinkles, and voila!  Cupcake-cupcake-cake!!

Thanks for checking it out!  

I'm trying to brainstorm what to do for the Grey Cup next weekend!!!  Feel free to leave me suggestions!

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  1. Hmmm...sweet and yummy, my kind of food.

  2. that is so cool I'll have to try that for our next football gathering!

  3. That is such a neat idea! I love it!


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