Sunday, 28 November 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

This week was another one where it just wasn't happening.  I really liked some of the ideas for this week so I compiled something that is partly my photos and partly other people's.  

Check out what other people (who weren't lazy like me!) did this week!

Black & White

I took this about a year and a half ago at Burnaby Village Museum in Burnaby, B.C.

I Ate This...

This is my extreme cupcake-cupcake cake.  Notice that there are white mini cupcakes baked into the green ones, baked into the cake.  For more details, check out this post!


This is actually a whole scrapbook page out of an old album...I think the bottom of the page says January 2002.  This was a night that has gone down in history for my sister and me.  It was a freezing cold night and we'd gone to a junior hockey game.  Ignoring our dad's advice to start the car at intermission we walked around the area checking out cute boys ;)  Not really surprising, when the game was over, our car didn't want to start!  We had to wait for our dad to pick us up (he was really happy about that, as you can imagine!) and we got cold... especially our noses!!!  

Here's where I start getting lazy!!

This one is a little more traditional "historic"  This is a photograph of the first bridge built in my city.  It was used up until very recently (more on that later!)


Photo Credit: Randy Land
Here's a more modern day shot of the pedestrian part of the bridge. Gorgeous photo that I wish was my own!  

The End

The bridge has recently undergone many inspections, and it's been deemed unsafe.  Apparently it's so bad that it can't even be used by pedestrians.  There's a lot of discussion about what should be done with it.  The options are to tear it down and build a new (modern) bridge, tear it down and build a bridge of similar style, or restore the existing bridge.  The city is very divided and I don't even know what my preference is.  I would like to see it restored, because I find that so often in N. America we rip everything down when it gets old, and so we never have anything pretty and old.  And once it's gone, there's no getting it back!  So this is the end for the Victoria Bridge....

OR is it??

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  1. LOL somebody did get lazy. That's all right, I love your black and white shot. :)


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