Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hockey Crush....

It's not secret that I'm from the great white north known as Canada.  And being a good Canadian, I LOVE hockey.  Don't ask me to play (I'll probably just beat you with the stick) but I love going to games! 

When my sister and I were in high school we were OBSESSED with the junior team here in our city.  It all started because my dad's work used to have season tickets that no one ever used.  We went A LOT.  Here's a couple scrapbook pages of tickets I've collected over the years!

Alright, so being about the same age as the boys playing, it's only natural that we'd develop some crushes, right?!?!  

Well, I had a thing for Mike Green.  Maybe you're wondering if this is the same Mike Green that plays for the Washington Capitals???  Yes.  Yes it is.  

Here's the pic of 15 year old me and (16 year old) Mike....(also, I apparently can't spell Michael!)

This autograph always made me laugh.  People sign "Best Wishes" or "Best of Luck" but not "Best of Wishes"  Sexy, but not the brightest crayon ;)

The next year, on my sister's birthday he was also signing autographs after the game....

This one was particularly great because this time the autograph he signed to me was "To Jill: You are hot"  Now I know that this probably isn't that uncommon for him, but it made my little 16 year old heart skip a beat. lol  I'd like to point out it was her birthday and this happened to me and not her!  

You probably think I'm a liar because I haven't posted a picture of it, but the truth is, it exists, but I don't know where it went! I tore my room apart for over an hour looking for it!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I found everything but that one.  

ANYWAY the thing that really inspired this whole post is a video I found on youtube the other day.  It made me laugh....I also may have sent it to my sister with a message that said "so...when do you think I can move it?"  


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  1. LOVE! LOVE LOVE!!!! That is A LOT of tickets....but I guess we were there like every weekend almost! Thank goodness tickets were cheap! Thanks for posting...totally made my day!


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