Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Favorite Tradition...RAISIN PIG

RAISIN PIG???  Yes, Raisin Pig. 

It's a bit of a long story, but please try to get through it....I think it's pretty funny!

When I was little, my family had 2 trees, a real tree that my parents decorated with the pretty red and white theme with the snowflakes my mom crocheted, and a small artificial tree that my sister and I decorated with all the ornaments we made in school and at home. 

When my sister and I got older we wanted our tree to be prettier, and so we limited the ornaments to anything that was red green or white.  This worked pretty well and we bought some pretty gold ribbon to put on it too.  

There was however one exception to our pretty theme....

Ugly little thing, isn't he???

Well, I made this little guy when I was in grade 1 (so that's 18 years ago now!) and I was sooo proud of him. Why I made a pig for a Christmas ornament, who knows?  I'm sure those of you with 6 year olds aren't surprised though!  

If you look closely, he has little raisins for eyes, a mouth, and his snout holes.  Hence the name raisin pig!

My sister HATES Raisin pig.  Which makes me love him all that much more.  Again, take a close look...he's missing his ears (he used to have some!)

He has suffered a few injuries in the past 18 years, but he still makes it on the tree every year and I have no intention of that ever changing!  lol

Look, he's even on our beautifully decorated red and white tree....

Did you find him??

Here, I'll help!

I can't wait for my sister to get "home" for Christmas to fight over raisin pig!! lol  


  1. that is too funny. yes, raisin pig does look a little rough around the edges. my friend has this thing with her brother in law that he always gets her something with a pug on it just b/c she hates pugs!

  2. I believe his ears...or at least 1 were seperated from his head during a breif kidnaping where he lay hostage in my purse over the holidays!

  3. OMG. How funny!
    He's sorta cute, in an endearing way. What a great tradition and conversation starter!

  4. Oh that is too funny!! What a great story - so glad we finally heard the story of raisin pig!! :)

  5. Your tree is lovely

    I'd love to invite you to our Holly Bloggy Christmas! It's a week of link parties and prizes. I'll be hosting the recipe party next Thursday!

  6. haha!! I visited from your entry into my giveaway. Just sent you a response! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your story.

    Merry Christmas!


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