Friday, 10 December 2010

Ten on Ten

Another Ten on Ten.  I'm glad I actually had a lot to do today!!!

10:00 am - Getting ready to leave for some Christmas Shopping

11:00 am - Crazy Purple Christmas Tree!!

12:00 pm - Clothes shopping - I really hate it.  This was the only thing that semi fit, and I decided I didn't like it enough to buy it.  My face reflects how I feel about clothes shopping!

1:00 pm - LUNCH! maybe The Works from NY Fries wasn't the healthiest option, but I enjoyed it! 

2:00 pm - I'm sorry this picture is a little bury, well, a lot blurry, but I was trying to be stealth with my camera phone.  Yes, this is what it looks like.  A not so skinny (although even if she had been skinny I still would have thought it was ridiculous) female wearing jeans with giant holes just below her booty.  OMG!!!

3:00 pm - Home from shopping (didn't find something I wanted to wear for the Christmas party tomorrow) so I thought I might make a statement necklace instead.  I considered this one from Flamingo Toes.  (I didn't end up making it, but borrowed a 'new' top from a friend)

4:00 pm - Back at the whole Christmas shopping thing.  I'm looking to buy one of these "paperless cups" for a gift, but these ones are plastic, and I wanted one of the ceramic ones like these.  

5:00 pm - Supper.  This pizza was surprisingly good!  I'm clearly having a very healthy day :P (just wait, it gets better...)

6:00 pm - I went over to Amy's (isn't her tree pretty?) for a Christmas movie night.  We started watching Fred Clause, but then talked through most of it and paused it to....

7:00 pm - To make these! They are delicious little puff pastries from Presidents Choice.  They were tasty, and oh so healthy!!

7:00 pm - one more because I didn't take that picture of myself.  Here are my little holiday "ice cubes" floating in my water glass.  I wouldn't want real ice to water it down. That would be silly :P

Thanks for checking out my day!  For more Ten on Ten:

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  1. I had something similar happen to a pair of jeans after an unfortunate run in with a a pointy thing in the garage and had one of those awkward pauses when you hear the tear and are terrified to know how bad the damage is. It was bad, but mine thankfully never made it out of the house.

  2. L-O-V-E (or not love?) the stealth booty shot. Very funny! Thanks. :)

    Great set chica.

  3. You had quite a busy day - I felt like I was tagging along. :)

  4. DUDE! can we please dye your hair blonde at Christmas?!!? We really look like twins now!

    PS Fred Clause is kinda good!


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