Monday, 10 January 2011

I'd like to introduce you to....

An extremely talented friend of mine named Megan.  

My friend Megan is incredible.  She's smart, pretty, TALENTED, and has killer fashion sense... especially when it comes to shoes!

Megan makes the most spectacular cakes, and other desserts too!  It's like everything she touches turns to delicious!  I think this is one of the reasons her cakes are so popular.  A lot of people decorate beautiful cakes, but it's just as important to Megan that her work tastes as good as it looks (she makes delicious cookies too!)  Unfortunately I can't share any of her baking with you through my computer (I wish I could, it's something you all should try!)  but I can post picture after picture of her incredible cakes.  So I think I'll do just that!

How fabulous is this?!?!  I think I'd take that crown off the cake and wear it!

And in case that wasn't cute enough for you... 

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!  I don't think I'd have the patience for this.  

Or maybe this is!  This one is incredible!!  Noah must have been the happiest boy in the world!!!

Not all of Megan's cakes are for kids though.  Check this out:

She's also done a bunch of great sports cakes too.  Her little cupcake jerseys are awesome!

And of course, saving my favorites for last:

Megan has done a couple of these piano cakes.  I don't think it was on this one, but she did one for a birthday and actually piped the music for Happy Birthday on the bottom!!  Now that's attention to detail!

If I were to have a winter wedding, this would be the cake I would want. (Just in case anyone is curious, I'd want a spring wedding.  Just saying.)

Absolutely stunning!

Here's miss creative genius at work! This was over Christmas when I had friends over to decorate gingerbread houses!

Now that we've all drooled over Megan's cakes, let's get to know her a bit better. 

 A while back I was "tagged" and got to tag others and get them to answer some questions I made up.  Megan decided to send me her answers in an email just for fun.  Let's take a look, shall we?

1 What type of theme party would you want someone to throw you for your birthday?

I don't know for sure, but probably something geeky...
Megan loves her technology... see question 8!  :P

2 How many (if any) siblings do you have, and what is your favorite childhood memory with them?
I have one brother and I loved playing lego with him. We'd come up with crazy creations and have hours of fun all the time.

3 If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
Probably a raspberry. I'm kind of tart and get stuck in your teeth, but most people like me :) .......I don't really know what that means....
 LOL!  That would explain why so many of her non-cake desserts have the raspberry brownies that she made for our girl's night, YUM!!!

4 Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Tina Fey!!!

5 Sweet or Salty?
I think by now we all could have guessed this one!!!

6 What do you wish you could tell your ten year ago self?
Become a pastry chef!

7 Do you eat corn (think niblets) with dinner as a starch (ie potato, pasta, etc) or as a vegetable (ie carrots, green beans, peas)?  I"m asking because my best friend and I disagree on the matter! lol
I eat it as a vegetable

8 If you could live in a past era which would it be?
I used to think the 1960's, because I love the hippy ideals...but I think the reality wasn't as glamorous as tv makes it out to be. I'd rather be in the here and now with 
our iPhones, Kindles, MacBooks, giant LED tvs and all the other techno crap that we just can't live without.

Stay tuned for part 2 about Megan... and in the mean time, drool over her delicious cakes!


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  1. Okay, that second cake is BEYOND adorable!

  2. Aww thanks Jill!!!

    FYI, both cakes had the music to Happy Birthday on them :)

    And you WIN at ginger snaps! Mine don't come out half as good as yours!


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