Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What the Heck Wednesday! #24

Before I get right into this I want to let you know that I have a big announcement tomorrow, so be sure to stop by to find out what it is!!!

This week's What the Heck Wednesday is a little different!  

Everything is still the same in the sense that I'm posting an item and wanting your crafty opinions to enter a giveaway, but the thing that's special about this week?? 

The item was suggested to me by one of you!  

Brittany sent me an email with a suggestion for WTHW:


You know, the one you can never find a match for? We seem to have alot of unmatched socks at our house and I feel so guilty throwing them out. I'm hoping maybe your followers can think of something besides sock puppets. ;o)"

Great idea Brittany!  I think most of us have this problem! (Also, Brittany has an adorable blog of her own, called Mommy Corner, if you have a few minutes, you should definitely check it out)

Ashley's husband over at Make It and Love It made super cute sock puppets with the kids...

But... because Brittany was looking for other ideas, here's a couple to get everyone's creative juices flowing.

Check out this cool idea for keeping track of lonely socks and trying to find their mates by Amanda at the DIY Club:

Design*Sponge covered these vases with cool argyle socks!

What other ideas can you come up with for socks who've lost their partners?

More ideas get you more entries to win one of these Urban Outfitter's inspired bags, with your choice of letter!

To Enter:
1.  Leave an idea of what you'd do with socks!  (Multiple entries welcome.  Leave a separate comment for each idea in order to get all your entries!)

2.  Follow Envirocraftiness through Google Friend Connect (leave a comment letting me know)

3. Follow Envirocraftiness through Twitter (@Envirocraft)  and leave a comment to let me know!

I can't wait to hear what you come up with!


  1. chop them up and use them for stuffing in pillows...

  2. Yay! Love the vase idea! And I have a few argyle socks that could jazz up a vase or two!

    I started thinking and looking for ideas and found a few....

    Bean bags?

  3. Also, we used to make a craft when I was a kid with my mom. Use a painted lightbulb with a face and put a sock on the 'screw' end as a hat. you could make them snowmen, santas, and penguins.. or really anything with a hat!

  4. Also... water bottle holders? So the condensation doesn't get all over the place...

    Thanks again for helping me out with those darn socks! I did a feature of you today over at Mommy's Corner!


  5. Thought of one more... sock puppets. Lol! ;o)

  6. I have thin hair, so I use them to make my bin bigger! Cut the toe off and roll it into a doughnut. Pull your pony tail through the doughnut. Then spread your ponytail out into fanned out mess and begin to pin your hair around the doughnut so that it is wrapped over and around the sock. I use hairpins instead of bobbypins. Voila! Perfect bun.