Tuesday, 22 February 2011

25 Days of Awesome Bloggers - Day 2

The next blogger I want to introduce to you is actually a bit of a secret.  She's someone I know personally, but tries to keep a bit of a low profile online due to her career choice.  

You can find her over at Big Girl/Small City.  

"Twenty-something young professional female seeks outlet for thoughts and opinions that must be stifled due to her crazy, private, and uber uptight occupational choice."

Knowing her personally I can say she's fun, quirky and creative.  Reading her blog it probably wouldn't take you long to come to the same conclusions!

She's crafty:

Love these tea cup candles...she even has a tutorial for them!

Check out this post....tumblr_lfv3a2Gi6N1qd46joo1_500
Bath bombs - her own variations on my tutorial :)  Love it!
She bakes:

And Decorates too!

So why not stop on by and check out more of Big Girl/Small City?

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  1. I took that picture of the tea cup candles I think! We made some at christmastime! I wanna make more-maybe when you come out we can make some! You can bring some of mums older tea cups she doesn't use?


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