Wednesday, 23 February 2011

25 Days of Awesome Bloggers - Day 3

Today I'd like to re-introduce you to Kimberly from bugaboo, mini mr and me.  The reason I say re-introduce you to her is because if you've been following along you may remember that she and I did a blog swap back in the beginning of February.

Kimberly and I first "met" over at The T-Shirt Diaries when we were both asked to judge the "Stash-busting September" contest! She's a super upcycler! 

She's also the QUEEN OF WREATHS!  I love it.  One for every season, and some just because! The best part? She is kind enough to post tutorials for ALL of them!

Kimberly's Wreaths

How AMAZING are these!?!?!

She also experiments in the kitchen with Yummy Mondays!

And her kids (bugaboo, aka bug, & mini) are too cute for words!  This post made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair.  "Oh, the world is ending!" HAHAHAHA!

Definitely make sure to check Kimberly's blog out.  Some of the reasons I love her blog are: cool projects, funny stories, great writing, detailed tutorials, delicious recipes, I could probably keep going, but it would be best if you check it out for yourself!

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  1. I agree, Kimberly is awesome! That giant candy corn wreath is still my favorite of all the ones I saw this fall.


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