Monday, 21 February 2011

The Countdown Begins!

The countdown to my 25th birthday begins today!! Yay! Over the next 25 days I will be featuring 25 of my favorite blogs (in alphabetical order.)  

To wrap things up I'll be giving away a $35 credit to CSN Stores on my birthday - March 18.

Now without further ado, my first featured blogger:

Kenz from All the Weigh.

Kenz is an all around sweetheart.  She's a great writer who is very engaging;  reading her blog makes you feel like you're one of her close friends.  In addition to being an awesome person, she's on an amazing journey.

Since April 2009 she's lost over 100 pounds and wants to lose about that much more.  I love reading her blog and hearing about her successes and struggles.  I honestly wouldn't have the courage to be as open an real as she is about pretty much everything.

I think the biggest thing that keeps me coming back to her site is that she's REALISTIC!  She knows that bad days happen, and it's upsetting for sure, but she's always able to get back on track.  It's not always easy though.  These are just some of the things that make her blog great. 

Before you go running off to her site I just want to show you how hard she's worked:

Past and present photos of Kenz! What really strikes me is how genuinely happy she looks in all her more recent photos.

Whether you need to lose a pound or two or need inspiration to make some other change in your life All the Weigh would be a great place to start!  


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jill, she's definitely braver than I would be too!

    Quick note - your past & present photos link is broken. Not sure if you knew or not.

  2. wow she looks fabulous! Good for her

  3. It takes a lot of courage and willpower to come this far. This is great news.

  4. I adore, adore, adore Kenz!! She is the best. And so sweet, smart and inspirational!!!



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