Saturday, 5 February 2011

I've been a bad blogger!

Lately life has gotten a little busy and I feel like I have no me time, and blogging has been one of a few things to suffer for it.

Between working, teaching, spending time with friends, there seems to be not a heck of a lot of "me" time.

This week was particularly busy.  On Tuesday night we had a work social and went to the jr. hockey game in town, which was great.

Also, my boyfriend and I got a great opportunity to catch a show of an artist that he really loves.  I think I'm in love too now! The show was sooooo good!

Have you heard of Martin Sexton?  He puts on one of the best live shows I've ever been to!! As an added bonus it was in a small venue, an old theater that holds around 450 people.  It was phenomenal!

Here's a couple vids to check out!  This guy does it all! He played for almost 2 hours straight!

I'll have some crafty stuff coming up for you next week! I'm doing a blog swap with Kimberly! Why not head on over and check out her blog! It's so much fun.


  1. No, I haven't heard of Martin Sexton. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a bubble;-) Glad you had such a good time at the concert.
    Thanks for the info on the Mod Podge version. I think there's so many of them out there and trying to find one that works takes some time and practice.
    Have a great week. Hugs

  2. People from my workplace went. I had to show my condo. Apparently it was out of this world.


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