Tuesday, 15 March 2011

25 Days of Awesome Bloggers - Day 23

Today's awesome blogger is someone very special to me.... My big sister Leslie over at Try To Keep Up.

Leslie and me when we were little... I like how she's clearly holding her breath, and I'm rockin' that blue sweatsuit and hair cut! YIKES.  

You might remember her from our Sisterly Spa Series...

The story about Leslie's blog is kind of interesting.  She'd started a personal blog quite a while ago, but when I showed her my crafty blog almost a year ago, she decided to shift her focus a little and share her love of crafts, cooking and choreography with the world!


I love her upcycled Cameo garbage can!!

I'm jealous of her newly painted kitchen (which I haven't been out to see yet...actually I haven't been out to visit her since before they moved into their new house... over a year ago :(   )

I love that having a blog has inspired her to push her crafty boundaries and try out new things.  Check out her first ever fascinator!

AND I'm so proud of her for this project... she's not much of a sew-er (yet!) She wanted me to come out to give her a hand getting started (setting up her sewing machine, and such) but she did it all by herself and made this pillow!!

She has a bunch of great cooking ideas and recipes.
I have yet to try this one...

Leslie is also a dance nut.  She teaches and works in the Arts industry.  Every once and a while she'll post videos of choreography or talk about how great her kids have done at competition.  A while back she was involved in the creation of this fundraising cook book - it's an interesting story, and I recommend you check it out!

Leslie leads an interesting life and brings some of that fun and adventure to us through her blog.  She's currently in Mexico (jealous!!) but take a look around and leave her some comment love for when she gets back!!

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  1. What time is dinner? That plate of food has me drooling. I'll go check out her blog.


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