Thursday, 7 April 2011

New life for old mitts

A year ago when the Olympics were in Vancouver Canada, I got these mitts.  They were all the rage.

Since then they've gotten a lot of wear and now look a little rough.  They pilled pretty bad which just looks icky!

There is a solution though!
That's right - shave the whales! Er I mean, save the whales, shave your mittens??!

Yes. Shave your mittens.

Gently run a sharp razor over them to remove extra fuzz.  When you're done, they're good as new!

Before & after shot:
Whoops, maybe I should have cropped my toes out of this one....silly glass tables!

Anywhoo.. This is a great way to make your old mittens look new again.  It also works for similarly knit items, like sweaters.  Be careful though.  It is possible to cut holes in whatever you're shaving!  If you're doing something large like a sweater, I'd suggest getting one of those electric pill shavers that are made for this purpose.  The old fashioned way works well for small items or when you're in a bind!

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  1. You so funny! You made me giggle :) shave the whales!


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