Friday, 6 May 2011

My love-hate relationship with white rooms

White rooms are all the rage right now.  And I can understand why.  Look at some of these amazing examples.

You can do a modern country look which carries a lot of warmth and charm

Or go with a contemporary style that has a lot of sharp, clean lines

You can do it in absolutely ANY room in the house

I love how clean this laundry room looks!!

This bathroom feels very spa-esque to me.

White is timeless, clean, natural, and fresh.  There's so many different directions you can go when you decorate with white.  It seems so perfect.


I can't fully embrace it.

It's not that it's 'boring' or that it would be hard to keep clean.

I think about walking into one of these beautiful rooms in a bright colored tee shirt and jeans and how out of place it would look. I would feel like I'm making the room look messy! I don't think I could dress in white all the time either!

So for now, I'll just have to enjoy all these beautiful rooms which never seem to have people in them.  


  1. While I like looking at all white blogs, I love color too much. Color affects my moods....I'm afraid if I had all white, I'd be blah blah blah. lol New follower!

  2. Wonderful rooms. You bring up an interesting point, one I've never had to consider as I don't have any all white rooms in my home...I do think they look beautiful though.
    Thanks so much for visiting! Hope your week is wonderful!

  3. I prefer time worn elegance. I like an eclectic mix of colors with faded charm. I have touches of muted white in my house, but loads of stark white would give me a headache.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the compliment.

  4. I love the look of a relaxed white room, more of a country style, not modern. I think I'd have a hard time actually doing the end it would end up with color. Great photos.

  5. These rooms are gorgeous but I totally understand what you're saying about making the room feel I live with two boys which would make any of these room staying clean IMPOSSIBLE. Gorgeous though :)


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