Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Treasure hunting!

So it's been almost a month since I left you with this floppy hat cliff-hanger, and since then I'm sure you're dying to see which hat I choose!


BUT it's not limited to this bow - I put velcro on the hat and the bow so the possibilities are endless!!!  (or I'm just an indecisive fence sitter....)

The weekend of treasure hunting was great (except for the part when I had a migraine :(  )

We started out with a little geocaching!  None of us had tried it before, so why not?!

I was the navigator!

DeAnne was our driver!

Jennifer was our organizer - in charge of buttons & knobs, etc!

What's this...?


oooohhh...dirty junk.  lol

After giving up on geocaching, we decided to stop for some beverages and start the "real" treasure hunting.  DeAnne lives on an acreage and there's a ton of buried "farm treasure" all around.

Digging & searching & digging....

Check out this crazy spring Jennifer and I found!

Unidentified treasure!  (think of what you could do with some imagination & spray paint!)

Biggest find of the day - maybe I was a bit too excited?! Apparently this is a bell housing from a tractor??

The downside to all of this is that among the few cool things we did find there's a lot of this:

Rusty nails and other random scraps that make the metal detector go crazy for nothing!

In addition to treasure hunting we spent some time around the fire and hot tubbing!

It was a great weekend!
Group shot! (that's Tanya in the back with the killer hat! She had to work and missed out on some of the fun early on)

This will not be the last treasuring hunting excursion had by the "Rusty Nails"


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. I sincerely love your floppy hat. I bought one for Mexico (it barely fits my gigantic bulbous head) but I will bring it to Saskatoon for fun!!!!

  3. Completely jealous that you have such crazy good girls in your world! Do love that funky piece you found, cant wait to see it on your mantel- ha! - Lori


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