Sunday, 14 August 2011

Busy-but AWESOME-weekend!

This weekend was incredibly busy for me!  Busy and FUN!!

The fun started on Friday night when I had the opportunity to go to the Saskatchewan Roughriders game in Regina.  Aka leave work early & drive about 250km (160 miles) to go watch a football game.  I know. Sounds crazy, but people here do it all the time!


We have a fan base like nowhere else.  Sadly, the team has only won 1 of their 7 games this season (yikes!).  But people still come out in droves to see them.

Here's what the stands look like empty:

And here's a picture of the other side of the stands that I took at the game - Sea of green, right?!


Yeah, pretty incredible.  I'd be willing to say that 90% of people there were decked out in Rider gear!  I can't explain it, it's definitely one of those things you just need to experience!


Right now the boyfriend and I love that we are child & pet free and can take off at the drop of a hat to do things like this!  By the way, we acquired tickets from a co-worker of mine who has season tickets & couldn't make it and was trying to get rid of them (11 hours before kick off!)

Saturday morning I had to be up early (after getting in late!) to teach my fitness class.  I love the people who come out on Saturday mornings, and it really wasn't so bad!

Saturday afternoon I took a trip out to see my bestie Amy to start planning our next dinner party! We're pretty psyched!

Here's a couple inspirational pins to make you jealous! (p.s. K.O. If you're reading this, do a little happy dance, you and your man are on the invite list!)

It's a vintagey "shabby chic" potluck.  More details to come! (P.S.  K.O.  we've already discussed that you need to bring macaroons, or whoopie pies!)

The rest of the night was pretty low key.

Sunday I got to go to WICKED the musical.  It was great! I knew the premise of the show, but I really didn't know the story which really was my favorite part.  It was cleverly written and really plays on your knowledge of the Wizard of Oz.  It really is quite brilliant!


I ended up buying myself this cute tee! I'm not usually a merchandise buying person, but this time I just HAD to.  And I found out when I got it home that it's organic cotton.  BONUS!

My mom and I went to the show together, and then went for supper.  It was a really good night!

Now it's time to do some more laundry and have a bath before heading back to work tomorrow! 


  1. Wicked is awesome - it was a great night indeed!

  2. Wicked! awesome - I would love to see it. It was just here,
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  3. that's too funny. How did I overlook the green stadium!!?? ROLF

    sheesh. I thought Wicked was here. Didn't know you were too! lol

    M. in toontown


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