Thursday, 11 August 2011

Help & Advice Needed! Aka more tile coasters

My obsession with tile coasters continues with this grey set.  The plan was to use these at work and continue decorating my cubicle


This time I wanted to use my silhouette! I JUST learned how to use the trace function and it blew my mind a little!  (WHA?! You mean I can cut out any image I want?!)

I found a quatrefoil design I liked and cut it out of white vinyl to fit my coaster.

(hard to see here, but...)

(a little easier to see once I removed the stuff I didn't want)

Using transfer paper I stuck it to my coaster

And then removed the transfer paper leaving my nice little stencil

I then painted it in with yellow acrylic.

The problems began when I started taking off the vinyl.

It looked great, but the paint didn't want to stick to the coaster.  :(


I'm not sure what to do with this now.

Do I:
1) Continue on, and then put a million coats of sealer on it and pray it turns out
2) Peel off everything including the existing paint and....
        2a) Spray the coaster with some medium so that the paint will adhere to it and start over
        2b) Try again with spray paint instead of acrylic
3) Ditch the idea all together because I'm considering going for a green/white/zen kinda feel for my desk

Let me know what you think.  I have one half finished coaster sitting here and it's driving me nuts!

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  1. I bet the paint isn't sticking because the tile isn't clean enough. Try wiping it down with rubbing alcohol before you paint?

  2. I'm thinking that acrylic paint isn't going to stick to the gloss on the tile. It might help to try spray painting some primer or clear sealer on it first so the acrylic has something to stick to.

    Love the colors & the pattern though! Super cute. Good luck!

  3. I've heard cleaning it with rubbing alcohol works, as mentioned above. I would try an oil based paint or spray paint though. Acrylic doesn't stick to well on ceramics.

  4. I love the design. If it was me, I'd probably scrape it off and leave the tiles plain and try the cute cutout on something that wouldn't give me problems.

  5. What about scraping off the design and just cutting the same thing (cute design) out of colored vinyl and just using that. You could put a sealer on it afterwards and hopefully that would keep the vinyl on well and prevent water from seeping under it.


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