Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Self Stashbusting Challenge

Alright - I'm imposing a self challenge here for Stashbusing September.

A large majority of my stash is scrapbooking stuff & fabric. So I plan to challenge myself to work extra hard to bust some fabric & paper stash.

Paper is the easy part.  I plan to shoot for 3-5 cards/layouts a week.  For inspiration I have a pinboard found here with some spectacular cards like these:

luminous layers tues trigger

The fabric is going to be a bit more of an issue.  I no longer have a good sewing machine, so most of my fabric busting will have to be sans-thread.

Again, I've started another pinboard for it!

I definitely need to make this:
I have the letter, fabric and mod podge!

My mom bought one like this at the craft sale I was at last year, and it works great! Might make some for Christmas and stash them away!

Keep your eyes peeled for all the crafty goodness I come up with! Watch for my guest post over at The T-Shirt Diaries on September 6th!  

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  1. I love the modpodge letter idea! Make sure you post pictures when you make yours! I wonder if you could find smaller letters, they might make really cute Christmas tree ornaments if they were smaller.


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