Thursday, 8 September 2011

The ones that got away

The other night I was shopping at Plato's Closet - a second hand store that pays you for your brand name clothing but not like a consignment store, you get your money on the spot!

I love checking out this store because things are always changing and they're 'one of a kind'

I found these shoes

A-MAZ-ING  Right?

Yup.  But I didn't buy them.  I was being "sensible" and thought they were too high.  BUT they were only $13.  However, I used to be known for buying a lot of cheap shoes and then never wearing them and I got rid of all these only a couple years ago, and I have since tried to avoid that.  

I spent all the next day thinking about them.  So I went back for them. 

They were gone! *insert the sound of my heart breaking*  

Well, I've learned my lesson.  I hope.  Just wanted to share these amazing shoes with you.


  1. My kiddos love Plato's Closet. We a fortunate to have 3 locations close by! That does sting when you leave a store, think about nothing else but only to find them GONE when you finally decide to purchase them! Uggghh. I had a similar instance happen at the HomeGoods store. I love this cute little table and wanted to get my daughters thumbs up (it was going in the teen lounge). I wondered around the store waiting for her return text message and when I finally got it I walked back and it was gone! I was sure someone just moved it and had several sales associates looking for it, but nope, it was sole. That was several months ago and I still can't stop thinking about that table! I feel your pain :(

  2. I've heard a lot about this place in the past few days. I'll have to check it out.

    I HATE to lose out on stuff like that! I've found if I LOVE something I've got to get it or else I will regret it later hahah

  3. Oh those are super cute shoes!
    I could relate so much with the story. There are times that I couldn't sleep all night thinking of that shoes I like. My friend told me don't buy it unless you really really love it. Usually I pass a day or two, check my feelings before I decide to go back and get it. If its not there anymore, then I guess It is not meant for me. There's always something better to come.


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